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Christmas and New Year are such a special time of the year and with lots of love in the air there are also lots of engagements at this special time, so if you got engaged over the festive period, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You might now be embarking on a journey of planning, organising and lots of fun! Or maybe your taking it slow and just enjoying being engaged. I just wanted to write a quick post to say it doesn’t matter how you choose to do your planning so don’t let anyone else tell you how your should or shouldn’t be planning your wedding.

One of the strangest things I found about getting engaged was that even on the day we got engaged people were asking if we had our date set, I thought maybe this is because I work in weddings and write about weddings but no it turns out everyone get this as one of the first questions everyone asks. I know the people who were asking us weren’t meaning to pressure us but were excited and happy for us, however it does make it difficult especially if like me you want a long engagement. The key thing to remember is that its your relationship and your big day so make it all about you wether that’s getting married within a year or stretching it out to have a long engagement. Just know that most people who are asking you are really just excited for you and that those who are trying to influence your planning may not be worth listening to anyway. I think wedding planning should be something you enjoy and doing it your own way is the only way of doing that. I would love to help you through your planning process so please join me on social media and check out my post for news, reviews and inspiration.

The last thought I want to finish on is something I was told by a stranger quite randomly but which now makes perfect sense. When it comes to your wedding remember:

Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


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