To Wedding #Hashtag or Not to Wedding #Hashtag?

Wedding #hashtag??

The big wedding debate

One of the great debates of current wedding affairs is the use of social media, whether to embrace it as part of your big day or to insist that nothing goes public until your say so.

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No Social Media Wedding

I personally feel that living your big day & sharing it online is a brilliant, you will be able to see & share all the best pics taken by all your guests as well as from your official photographer.

I can however totally understand why this is not for everyone as weddings can be a private affair for just your closest loved ones – if this the case tell your guests & explain why you have chosen not to use social media so they are all on board too.

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The trick is to decide where you sit on this and stick firmly to it ensuring everyone knows what you want for your big day.

How to choose a wedding hashtag

You could go for something simple like using your surname #TribbleWedding or incorporate your date #Tribble140616

You could look for something fun and witty, an inside joke or pun to play on your names. What ever you choose, make it memorable!

Think about the length of your #hashtag ideally you want it to be under 15 characters any more than that and there won’t be much room for a tweet!

Once you have a couple of ideas its really important to research, search for your #hashtag on twitter, instagram and any other social media sites. If no one else is using it then go ahead, make it your own! 

When you have decided on your #hashtag make sure everyone knows it! If you are uber organised then why not have it printed on your invitations, ask everyone to start using it early by putting up pics of their preparations & even tag ideas which they want to share with you for the big day.

Wedding Hashtag InvitesWedding Photo Booth Hashtag








At the wedding have signs with your #hashtag written on & use your photo booth to remind them to keep tagging, so that everyone can enjoy your special day.

Let me know your thoughts on the debate and what you’ve decided to do,

Thanks for reading!

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