Sorry its been a while since my last post, I have been luck enough to travel to Thailand! I have to say the country was far more wonderful than I imagined and we had such an amazing time out there. We learnt a lot about the culture out there and it is some of this I want to share with you. Thailand is a Buddhist country with a strong religion. It was amazing to learn about the different poses that Buddha is depicted in and the meanings of these, the statues themselves were beautiful and we were also lucky enough to listen to the monks chanting at sunset!

This is us in Ayutthaya the old capital city of Thailand

This is us in Ayutthaya the old capital city of Thailand

Weddings in Thailand are very important and most couples choose to have monks bless them and their marriage. In Thai culture the monks are offered food and money for the temple and they must have eaten before anyone else, only once they finish eating will the bride and groom and guests be allowed to eat. The decorations are all very grand with pretty flowers and lovely colours and the dresses were beautiful! Thai weddings have a very vibrant and exquisite feel with typical colours include red and golds and of course the orange of the monks clothing.


Monks in a wedding ceremony blessing

Thailand is a very popular wedding location and many western couples choose to get married there. Western couples are able to have a full buddhist ceremony and completely immerse themselves in the culture, which is brilliant to see. For a spectacular wedding with a bit of a difference I would say if your budget will stretch to it – go for it!!

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