My Weight Loss Journey Part Two

Slimming World Journey so far - could down to a big day!

I’m getting really excited about the Wedding Blog Awards, I’m still pinching myself to make sure it is real and I’m super excited as well as really nervous to be going to my first ever awards evening! I have met other wedding bloggers who are also in the awards and they have been telling me how amazing the evening is! This is great encouragement for me to keep on going with my weight loss plus I’ve been enjoying my Slimming World journey! I’ve been aiming to make most of my days free of Syns to maximise my weight loss so we have been trying out loads of new recipes and ideas and mostly they have been lovely – there was one incident where a meal didn’t turn out well, a complete disaster for me as I get rather grumpy if my food isn’t right, but all in all it has been really positive!

Week 2

Weight: 11st 7lbs

Change: -1.5lbs

Total weight loss: -5lbs

Goals: Do a food diary – I will manage this!! Lose 2 lbs, increase exercise

So this week was kind of frustrating at my weigh in as I really wanted to have lost 2lbs (my aim is to lose 2lbs every week which would equate to a stone before my big day). I am pleased with the 1.5lbs off but I don’t want to let my stone target go! I have decided I need to increase my exercise to help me on my way to this! I also did sur come to our families weekly take away which I think probably didn’t help, maybe if I hadn’t had this I would have lost that extra .5lbs?

I have picked up a pack of Slimming World hifi bars – these are like chocolate cereal bar type things and are helping with my chocolate cravings – no the chocolate cravings are not going away yet.

The Wedding Insider Weight Loss Journey with Slimming World

I also this week stared thinking about what I am going to wear for the awards night, I have borrowed two lovely dresses from a friend of mine to try and I have been looking back through the past few year pictures to see what everyone has worn in the past so I’m not over or under dressed. Voting closes next week and it feels like the awards night will come round quick!


Week 3

Weight: 11st 5.5lbs

Change: -1.5lbs

Total weight loss: -6.5lbs

Goals: Lose 2lbs, do more exercise!

This week has been a bit of a nightmare trying to stay on Slimming World, Lee (my other half) organised dinner out on Thursday night with a colleague from work – it was a lovely evening at one of my favourite restaurants. Dawn had advised me to choose off the menu before we went out as that way I would feel moron control of the food I was eating and it worked really well! Then Lee announced a day trip to London with work which he really wanted me to join him on, it was to Borough Market – the home of food in London – eeeeekk! I am really proud of how well I stayed in control during our trip, we mat in a pub where I stuck to Diet Coke so I wasn’t using any Syns, whilst walking around the market I refrained from any tasting and had a pulled pork roll for my lunch – it was yummy! We also spent some time walking down the thames and when I got home my Garmin Connect fitness tracker told me I had walked 10 miles! That has to have helped the weight loss this week. I’ve also given up on the food diary, its not going to happen for me so unless I start really struggling I’m going to leave it for now.

I have also been back to yoga this week and feel amazing for doing some stretching! I was pleasantly surprised not to have lost too much flexibility as I had missed quite a bit of yoga with being so busy since summer!


My favourite new this week was Slimming Worlds delicious Katsu Curry recipe, it was delicious and was a hit with Lee too – definitely a recipe we will be doing again.


Next week I have my first talk at the Hertfordshire Wedding Show at the Alban Arena, I’m really excited and nervous, I’ll let you know how it goes!


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