My Wedding Planning!

My Wedding Planning Blog

I’m getting married!!

Ok so i know a lot of wedding blogs start with this but mine started through working in the wedding industry but now I am taking my own advice and planning my own big day!! I’m a little scared as I feel quite a lot of pressure especially from friends and family who the moment I got engaged (and before really) were expecting me to have every detail planned instantly as I work in weddings.

We have been engaged a year (where has the time gone?!) and we decided its time to actually plan our wedding so for a while my posts will probably be changing as I share my planning with you as well as sharing some of my working wedding experiences so I hope it all makes sense and you enjoy hearing our plans too!

I’ll write our engagement story in another post but it was really cute and includes a heart shaped diamond ring! We are currently at the point of being about to put our deposit down on our amazing venue and I can’t wait to have a definite date! We have had one disagreement so far (not an argument just a discussion) about decision making and support but we are ready and raring to go!

My dreams for the wedding are a really fun outdoor wedding with lots of colour and lots of handmade decorations and touches to reflect some of the things I love (and Lee puts up with!)

So here goes and wish me luck – its wedding planning time!


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