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The Wedding of my childhood fantasies
The difference a few years and nearly 100 weddings makes!

The difference a few years and nearly 100 weddings makes!

In lots of ways I am a typical girl – I have always thought about getting married, as a child I expected to do what my parents did, they met at 16,

married at 21 and had lots of fun and holidays together before starting a family at 29. I assumed I would get married in a church, wear a huge white wedding dress and have lots of bridesmaids, I would have met my Prince Charming ata young age and we would have fallen in love – the squishy marshmallows pink and white type love that everyone can see – and we would dance the night away!

This all changed after the beautiful wedding of my friends Jennie and Travis who got married in Texas, USA. At their wedding I realised that weddings weren’t just another day but a celebration of the couple, creating memories with the people you love. At their wedding I will never forget the two wedding cakes – yes two!! One for the bride and one for the groom – the grooms cake was an airplane, a perfect representation of him! They also had an ice sculpture as they got engaged skiing and it was at their wedding I first saw a photo booth and my wedding journey began.

Wedding ice sculptureGrooms Airplane Wedding Cake

I am now the founder of Photo Buzz and I have three photo booths which I take to weddings and parties. Since starting my business I have learnt so much about weddings and what makes the day special. I have been luck enough to be a part of nearly 100 weddings so far and I have loved every one of them! I get so much inspiration seeing all the ideas, personal touches and quirky details at the weddings I attend and can’t wait to share these all with you.

Working with brides to help create their perfect day has change my childhood perceptions of my big day and I now realise that the possibilities are endless and even more exciting!

I’ll be back soon with more photos from fabulous weddings!

Nicky Tribble The Wedding Insider

Nicky Tribble – The Wedding Insider



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