Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair 2017 – Wedding Inspiration

Kirstie Allsopp's Hand Made Fair Wedding Insiration

I want to get creative for our wedding and I’m hoping to make most of the decorations myself with help from family and friends. I’m quite creative anyway and I love to try new crafty things so me and Mum thought where better to start than a trip to Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair! We had worked at this event in the past (we had a stand selling our hair clips) but this year it was a trip for fun and inspiration!

Kirstie Allsopp's Hand Made Fair looking for wedding inspiration

When we arrived we had queued for a long time to get into the car park and had unfortunately managed to miss our first workshop, making origami trinket boxes – I hope to catch this online or somewhere instead. Luckily the staff were brilliant and asked if we wanted to swap to another workshop instead so we did!

So next we were booked to watch Kirstie Cooks with Anglo-Indian Chef, Angela Malik, what a team they made. It was very funny and informative and I can’t wait to get my hands on Kirstie’s Real Kitchen cookery book so I can try out some of the recipes which were used! Angela also talked wok skills and I certainly learnt a thing or two there – especially as to why Lee gets annoyed when I try to use his wok! It’s a style of cooking I have rarely done and so these tips made me realise why Lee gets cross with me for over loading the wok and all the other bits I’ve been doing wrong!Wok tips from Angela Malik

Kirstie Allsopp and Angela Malik in Indian Cookery

Sorry its a bit blurry!

We went straight from this session into Mollie Makes Mash Up which was a crafters version of Ready Steady Cook with Matt Chapple (the only male winner of The Great British Sewing Bee) and his lovely daughter against the lovely Hannah and Rose from The New Craft House. The teams were given a basket and could bring in materials to make them amazing. I loved that both teams made their bags so different and used very different techniques. Matt’s daughter finger knitted some gorgeous additions and Matt did a brilliant demonstration on how to make tassels – a great skill especially if I can use them to finish off garlands. I also loved that Hannah and Rose made colourful pom poms and hand embroidered onto the basket to make a sophisticated and colourful finished look. The winners were voted as Matt and his daughter although maybe cuteness came into the voting? This session was great inspiration for taking everyday objects and making them extra special!

Mollie Makes Mash Up With Matt Chappel Mollie Makes Mash Up with The New Craft House

I was super excited for our Skills Workshop which was being run by Christine Leech and Swarovski where we were creating patches to embellish or accessorise. I created a heart as its my favourite shape and will feature heavily in my wedding! It’s not finished yet but it looks so pretty!

Swarovski Crystal Embellished Patch

We may have got slightly drenched as it started raining really heavily but id didn’t dampen our spirits! We have a great walk around the shopping areas and I found some really awesome bits and kits. Maybe Annie Sloan Paint is well known, but I hadn’t really ever seen it before and found myself wanting to paint everything chalky blue and green!

Annie Sloan gorgeous paints Annie Sloan Paints

It was lovely to meet Sam of Re-made by Sam who had some fantastic crochet patterns – I brought a kit to make a Christmas tree garland (I know I’m not having a Christmas wedding but I loved it and maybe if you’re a winter bride it might be inspiration for you?) I didn’t even wait to get home to start trying out my Christmas trees!

Crochet Christmas Tree Garlands thanks to Re-made by Sam

Sticking on the Christmas theme I got these gorgeous wooden Christmas things which I am going to decorate … somehow ready for December – maybe I should have brought some heart ones too?!

Christmas Decorations ready to be made

I fell in love with these Tweedie Bags make your own broach kits, I thought instead of broaches these could make brilliant hanging decorations which after the big day I could make them into broaches or other accessories for people.

Make your Own Harrison tweed Accessory Tweedy Bag Broaches - Harrison Tweed

After  being inspired by pompoms and tassels in the Mollie Makes Mash Up I found Multi Pom (to make lots of pompoms at once!) which I had to buy! I have tried this out with some coming out great and one complete disaster which is still falling apart! I also brought a kit to make flowers which look like pom poms, I haven’t made one yet but I’m really excited to see how it comes out!

One awful pom pom falling apart

One awful pom pom falling apart

5 blue pom poms

Our last class of the day was making Duck Tape Roses with Ellie Jarvis, I was surprised just how much fun we had doing this! Ellie was wearing a duck tape rose ring which I am super jealous of and will definitely be making for mayself (but maybe not for my wedding day!) she also had a flower crown made of different flowers using the same techniques and the results were stunning!

Mum's loving making these Duck Tape roses!

Mum’s loving making these Duck Tape roses!

My finished duck tape rose - we won't talk about mum's one!

My finished duck tape rose – we won’t talk about mum’s one!

Did I meet Kirstie Allsopp? Sadly no but I did last year so here’s a lovely pic of us! Now I have so much to make and experiment with and I can’t wait! All in the name of weddings … honest!

Kirsty Allsopp selfie!


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