How to choose your wedding date

How to Choose your Wedding Date

How do you choose your wedding date? Some people seem to have a date in mind from the moment they get engaged for others it seems to just depend when the venue can fit them in so the question is one I found hard to answer.

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Me and Lee struggled with finding our date, as there was no “special date” for us, we don’t have an anniversary date as we got together over a couple of months and there was nothing that really stood out to us. We spoke to friends and family about how they chose their dates – my favourite is the couple who got married 4th May – Star Wars day!

The best piece of advice came from my Mum who asked what time of year we were looking, this got me thinking. I don’t want a summer wedding as its the busiest season for my work, I have also seen some of the wettest weddings I’ve ever done in July and August, so I definitely don’t want to get married then! I had an inclining that an outdoor wedding could be on the cards so winter was out (although a winter wonderland would be amazing!). So we were down to spring or autumn, this decision was the hardest as there was pros and cons for each – longer days in the spring but gorgeous autumnal colours. I spoke to both our parents about their weddings and choosing their dates and I realised they had both autumn weddings and so our decision was made! How to Choose your Wedding Date

We looked for nice looking dates in the calendar ad set on one we likes however after our much debate and eventual decision our date was the only date the venue had already booked! We went for a week earlier, no big deal for us  Now we had our venue and our date and things are beginning to feel very real!

Wedding countdown

Let the countdown begin!

Now for some save the date ideas – stay tuned!

How did you choose your wedding date? Does it have any meaning to you? Leave me a comment or join my on social media and let me know!, Twitter: @nickytribble Instagram: @nicky_tribble

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