Count Down to My Big Day!

Slimming world Week 1 Weigh in

My amazing news of being shortlisted for Rising Star of the Year award as part of the Wedding Blog Awards was amazing and I lived off the excitement for days, right up until I realised this was my big day and I wanted to look my absolute best – then the panic set in! I stood in front of the mirror and knew that if I won this award it would be a defining moment in my life and a huge turning point for (what I’m hoping) will be a bright future of blogging and I knew I would hate not to look my best.

I know everyone worries when they have a big day coming up and I’ve always thought we should love ourselves just the way we are and not worry if we are a little heavier than we would like – but in that moment I changed my mind! Now, I don’t want to lose loads of weight or change myself┬ácompletely (I clearly would not be me if I resisted chocolate ice cream 100% of the time!) but I would like to feel healthier, slimmer and able to enjoy my night without the worries of my double chin making their way onto social media!

I spoke to my Mum as well as some of my close friends who all recommended Slimming World, everyone told me how amazing it was and encouraged me to go along. I went with my Mum for support and I could have died when I found out just how much weight I had managed to put on in the last year! This made me so determined to make a change, lose some weight, increase my exercise and feel better. My consultant Dawn was so supportive and explained everything to me so I could go off and make my first steps towards a happier me!

First weigh in

Starting weight: 11st 12lbs

Personal achievement target: 10st 7lbs

Goals: get through the first week and lose at least something!

Slimming World Weigh in for Wedding Blog Awards

During my first week I found it hard not to have planned dinner for each evening and I was also working away a lot which made it tricky!

Week 1

Weight: 11st 8.5lbs

Change: -3.5lbs

total weight loss: -3.5lbs

Goals: Complete food diary, lose 2lbs

Slimming world Week 1 Weigh in

After last week I sat down with my other half and we created a meal plan for the week, I mostly managed to stick to this although I only managed 1 day on my food diary – must try harder next week! My favourite thing this week was having porridge for breakfast with a teaspoon of maple syrup, it kept me going and was sweet enough to really make my day!

Slimming World Friendly Breakfast

This week I was also at the National Wedding Show were I saw some amazing dresses and fantastic wedding ideas! There was also a fitness area where they were doing some exercise classes and talking about how to lose those extra pounds ready for your big day, it was lovely to speak to bride to be’s who were also trying to shred the weight and a couple who were trying to maintain their weightless after reaching their goals.

Fitness Area at the National Wedding ShowStunning Wedding Dresses and Wedding Inspiration at the National Wedding Show


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