Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers

Choosing a wedding photographer is tough stuff! There’s different styles of photography and different personalities and just so many great wedding photographers.

One of the things I am loving at the moment is that with a new year lots of photographers are putting together slide shows on blogs and YouTube with their highlights and best bits of last year. I have found that by watching these videos I am getting amazing inspiration for my big day but on top of that I’m getting a real sense of what each photographer is all about and if I need to know more about them.

So grab a cuppa (or maybe some Prosecco) find some local photographers and watch their highlights videos. I find by about three quarters of the way through I’m either bored and looking elsewhere, intrigued or I get to the end with butterflies and desperate to see more whilst imagining those photos on my wall – guess which photographers I’m talking to? Yep, the butterflies!! So here are just a couple of amazing slideshows I’ve found so far, share your butterflies and favourites with me and lets crack this wedding photographer thing!

Nicky X

Lina & Tom:

Becky Harley:

Choosing your wedding photographer

Lucy Noble:

Wedding photographer Bedfordshire


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  1. Lydia
    February 9, 2018 / 9:59 pm

    Thank you Nicky!!!

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