Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Your venue will set the backdrop to your wedding so from the middle of a field to a stately home choose the venue that is right for you both

So where do you start when a Google search for wedding venues brings up millions of hits (14,600,000 results in just 0.69 seconds – thanks Google!)

First things first – do you want to get married in the UK or Aboard? Decide on an area where you want to get married e.g. close to family, friends or your home but be open to other places too.

Create a shortlist of your perfect venue ideas and consider:

What do you want out of your wedding venue?

Visiting wedding venues will be a highlight of your planning process as you’ll visit places you wouldn’t normally get to see and see them in all their grandeur. In a recent survey my married followers rated visiting venues as one of the top most enjoyable parts of planning their wedding.

When visiting a wedding venue take the time to ask lots of questions so you know all the details about the venue and how they run weddings. Here are some things I would want to know when choosing a venue:

Some venues have dedicated wedding coordinators but they aren’t always the person there on the actual day to manage the wedding – who will be there on the day?

Are there menus for people with dietary needs? I’e been to a wedding where the bride had no food because she was vegetarian! 

My other half loves ale so for us we would want to have a couple of local ales on the bar – how would that work with the venue and alcohol licenses?

If the venue caters for multiple weddings or other guests how will they give you the exclusive feeling and make you feel special?

Don’t worry about contacting the venue and having multiple visits before you make your decision – they understand how important the decision is.

Find out if the venue offers food tasting to help you decide on the menu for your day.

Setting a budget for the venue is really important as it’s the single biggest expenditure for many weddings. If your favourite venue is over budget can you justify the extra cost and make savings in other ways? Often venues will be cheaper out of wedding season and on different days so ask the venue about costs on alternative dates.

Some places capture you in a fairy tale from the moment you walk in and others will captivate you with a view, which you can’t quite take your eyes off. Use your imagination and add your personal touches to these venues to give them the complete WOW factor.

If you are looking for something a bit different I am a huge fan of hiring a Tipi or Yurt in a quirky little corner. The beauty of this is how much you can make it your own, decorate it with twinkling fairy lights and garden lights outside to lead your guests on an adventure. Or have flowers decorating every nook and cranny for amazing colour. You could have everyone create a piece (or two) of bunting so you can string them all together and keep everyone feeling involved in your wedding. Using Tipi’s Yurts and marquees can let you have more flexibility of decorations which is great especially for creative and visual couples.

In the end I think you should follow your heart and go for the place that you fall in love with. Do let your head have a say too though as otherwise you may need to win the lottery be able to afford it!

Nicky's Top Tips for choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

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